Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tamara Mellon Topless Sunbathing Her Messed Up Fake Melons


Here is the president and co-founder of Jimmy Choo and Christian Slater's ex-girlfriend Tamara Mellon sunbathing topless in St. Barth's on Monday. And reminding me why I hate fake tits so damn much. She dutifully tossed her bikini top aside to expose her breasts, sprawling out on a lounge chair while taking advantage of the Caribbean sun. This tropical getaway come just a short time after Miss Mellon won a lawsuit against her mother, which garnered her $9.8 million in shares of the Jimmy Choo shoe company. Hopefully she can use some of that money to redo her messed up melons. Her fake boobs look horrible, I spent like 15 minutes just counting the ripples across her hangers. Anyway, saline implants, much more so that silicone implants, can ripple so I am guessing she is filled with salt water. She might want to switch to the silicone stuff if she insist on being topless in public. Click on pictures to enlarge.

Source: http://www.GutterUncensoredPlus.com



Tamara Mellon (born July 7, 1967 in London, England) is the President and co-founder of a line of designer shoes, Jimmy Choo. Mellon began her career at Phyllis Walters Public Relations, Mirabella, and followed as accessories editor for British Vogue in 1990. www.GutterUncensoredPlus.com

Recognizing the potential for development of high-end designer accessories, Mellon approached bespoke shoe-maker Mr Jimmy Choo with the idea of launching a ready-to-wear shoe company. As co-founder of the Jimmy Choo Company, Tamara secured funding from her father, for the creation of her business, and sourced factories in Italy. In addition, she set up an office in Italy to handle production, quality control and shipping. By 2001, Jimmy Choo had over 100 wholesale clients including Harrods, Harvey Nichols, Saks Fifth Avenue and Bergdorf Goodman, and the collections accounted for over 50% of the production of several of these factories. www.GutterUncensoredPlus.com


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