Friday, July 31, 2009

Keeley Hazell is Topless in Black and White Pictures


Hopefully people don't think I am obsess with big boobs. But just look at how British glamour model Keeley Hazell bravely continue to defy archaic Hollywood beauty standards. Her 32-E topless pictures say "see, you don't have to be 5'10' and be twenty pounds underweight or bleach blond to make it in this industry." Apparently all you need are gigantic tities and a chronic aversion to clothing. Keeley Hazell's topless big boob modeling is beginning to really pay off. Keeley is currently in the U.S. taking acting lessons, and has been involved in talks to star in an upcoming Baywatch movie. Or put another way, "an awesome excuse to have Keeley show her massive rack while running on a beach." And getting paid millions to do so. This world is practically the fucking oyster of big tity ladies! Anyway, you cannot enjoy Keeley's lovely pink nipples because these are black and white. But it doesn't affect the fact her tits are huge as fuck! Click on pictures to enlarge.



Keeley Rebecca Hazell (born on September 18, 1986 in Lewisham, London, England) is an English Page 3 Girl and glamour model noted for her large, natural breasts (UK bra size 32E).

At sixteen years of age, Hazell left school to work as a hairdresser. Her colleagues persuaded her to try her luck at modelling (she later quit hairdressing) and enrolled at Lewisham College to start a City & Guilds in fashion, but was not at the college for very long. At seventeen, she competed in The Daily Star's "Search for a Beach Babe" contest and won. A friend told her about The Sun's Page 3 Idol competition. Despite some initial uncertainty about entering the contest, she submitted some photos. She was eventually chosen the winner in December 2004. She won £10,000 worth of "sexy clothes" and "a one-year membership of the Rex cinema and bar". Three cast sculptures were made of her bust by sculptor Leigh Heppell. Two are in the Sun offices and one is in her house.

In early January 2007, a sex tape of Hazell and ex-boyfriend Lloyd Miller was released on the internet. The video was shot whilst the couple was on holiday in Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain during the previous year, on or about 30 May.

Following the tape's leak, Hazell was reported to have been very upset, and she called the police in an attempt to find out who leaked the tape. She also "obtained an injunction on grounds of privacy preventing any further publication or promotion of the video" though the video is still widely available on the Internet.

Samantha Burke Is Jude Law's Soon To Be Rich Baby Mama


Jude Law need to stop reproducing now, what is he trying to do? Repopulate the world by impregnating everything in a skirt. The dude need to rap a rubber around his uncut man junk when some chick he just met offer him some ass. Anyway, contrary to reports that Jude Law knocked up other women, aspiring actress and model Samantha Burke, 24-year-old, is the mother of Jude Law's fourth child, her lawyer says. Yup, she has a lawyer so this girl is not fucking around. Stupid ass Jude Law will be paying through his teeth for this one. The idiot probably bought the line "don't worry, I am on the pill" and then the age old favorite "I want you to cum inside me baby." LOL... Aspiring actresses are the worse!

After much gossip and claims Jude Law's baby mama has been found and she is not Rachel McAdam or Rachel McAdam's sister. She is a model/actress from Pensacola, Florida named Samantha Burke and she is due October 6th according to her Babies ‘R Us registry. Sources say DNA tests make it a slam dunk, Jude's the daddy. Samantha Burke cashed her check! She is expecting a girl and will name her Sophia. According to her attorneys told:

“Ms. Burke can confirm that she did in fact have a relationship with Mr. Law and that she has informed Mr. Law that she is expecting his child later this fall. Since informing Mr. Law of the pregnancy, he has been nothing but responsive and supportive of Ms. Burke and the pregnancy.”

Sorry, Kayleen McAdams. Or should I say congratulations? Someone need to really tell Jude about condoms at this point. The dude is knocking up everything in sight. A Florida friend of Burke, told reporters that the model told her she was "pregnant from Jude Law." Law's rep declined comment. Sure it is the oldest trick in the book for women willing to do anything for a check every month for 18 years from some rich dude, but lucky for Jude she didn't pull the second oldest trick. You know the one when a chick bang a rich celebrity dude/moron and then go to the police claiming rape followed by a multi-million dollar civil suit. You know, the lump sum trick for those who can't wait 18 years. Click on pictures to enlarge.

On Wednesday, the actor, who has three children with ex-wife Sadie Frost, announced he was expecting a fourth child with an unidentified ex-lover. Samantha Burke and Jude mett while he was filming Sherlock Holmes in NYC.

It's the latest round of scandalous activity for the star, who was also engaged to Sienna Miller before he was caught doing his children's nanny. Law and his Alfie co-star Sienna Miller began a high-profile relationship, becoming engaged on Christmas Day 2004. On July 8, 2005, Law issued a public apology to Miller for having an affair with a nanny. Miller and Law separated in November 2006.


Jude Law (born December 29, 1972 in Lewisham, London, England) is an English actor, film producer and director.

He began acting with the National Youth Music Theatre in 1987, and had his first television role in 1989. After starring in films directed by Andrew Niccol, Clint Eastwood and David Cronenberg, he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1999 for his performance in Anthony Minghella's The Talented Mr. Ripley. In 2000 he won a BAFTA Award as "Best Supporting Actor" for his work in the film. In 2003, he was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Actor for his performance in another Minghella film, Cold Mountain.

He is on the Top Ten List from the 2006 A-list of the most bankable movie stars in Hollywood. In 2007, he received an Honorary César and he was honoured with the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres conferred by the French government; he was named a "Chevalier of the Ordre des Arts et des Lettres".

Singaporean Slutty CosParty Girls


Costume parties are my favorite, they give even the most seemingly innocent chick an excuse to dress as slutty as she want. And to doing the things she would not do normally because she is "playing a role" and "acting the part" for a night. Just check out these chicks in their skankiest best skanking up a storm in Singapore. Damn, they cover all the bases with thier outfits too, I see the slutty maid, the slutty nurse, the slutty police officer, the slutty race queen and of course the slutty dominatrix hooker. And they seem to be playing the slutty roles behind their skanky outfits well. They are probably dull and boring normally but not this night. This is some real interesting cosplaying that is worth participation.

Just wish I could get a hold of these ladies to perform with their skanky outfits in a reverse gangbang starring me. Anyway, someone sent in these pictures of a few chicks purportedly all are Singaporean having some innocent fun at a cosparty enjoying a beer or two. The hot girl on girl dominatrix hooker getting a piggyback ride from the slutty nurse earn this set a post. Not to mention the whole making out thing... Thats hot. The hooker and the nurse stole the show, I bet these girls wouldn't not be so awesome without the excuse of costumes. I hope I will be invited next year and the girls will get a bit more drunk! Click on pictures to enlarge.

Now this is interesting, send me an invite!



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