Sunday, December 20, 2009

Ewa Sonnet Take Us On A Cleavage Car Ride, She Has Built-In Airbags


Here are some pictures of Polish model and pop singer Ewa Sonnet showing off her massive boobs in a low cut shirt while driving a car. And of course, even though her tits should have their own zip code, she is not wearing a bra. With the lack of a bra and all that cleavage expose, I wonder if that shirt is even necessary anymore? Anyway, Ewa Sonnet is one of those unlucky girls who cannot really wear a seatbelt in a car properly because her boobs are so huge it is uncomfortable for them to cross their chest with the belt. But as you can clearly see, Eva already has built-in double airbags so don't feel too sad for her. And I think the below the tits way well-endowed girls like Eva are forced to wear seatbelts is way hotter than the proper cross the chest way. Sure a little fender-bender will surely kill her in an instant but screw auto safety and just look at that those big ass titties. Click on pictures to enlarge.




Ewa Sonnet (born March 8, 1985 in Rybnik, Poland) is a Polish glamour model and pop singer. Sonnet is the famous leading model of the Polish Busty models.

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